We’ve all heard the saying “Time is money” and it remains a core business truth. Now, more than ever, one of the most important factors of a company’s ROI is keeping staff as productive and efficient as possible. With so many considerations, many business professionals are left wondering, how to build custom enterprise solutions that actually drive success.
Shockingly, lost sales productivity costs U.S. companies upwards of $1 trillion annually! Among myriad factors, for example, juggling multiple tasks can actually hinder, not increase, productivity and cause some serious harm in the long run.

You can’t blame salespeople or staffers who diligently take on large, diverse workloads. A fascinating study shows that it takes an employee an average of 25 minutes to fully return to the original task after an interruption. Anytime someone switches tasks willy-nilly or unanticipated, productivity is lost and the business loses a step.

Fortunately, as technology evolves, we’re seeing a trend that forward-thinking enterprises are embracing: bespoke field-force solutions, workforce customizations tailored to each organization’s needs, pace, size, and staff.

General platforms like Salesforce are a necessity and these systems seem to be the go-to solution for everyone from the mom and pop dry cleaner down the street to the Fortune 500 companies. However, these generic sales force systems are basically selling a perfectly packaged template. Paired with engaging marketing, many clients often think that they’re making a wise business investment in these software packages.

But the reality that many may soon come to find is that these products are expensive, yet somewhat generic. When it comes to actually optimize, integrating, and customizing these pricy programs into each organization’s unique workflow, one often finds frustration and disappointment and flawed results—just the opposite of what you bought it for.

When buyers become aware of these limitations, they reach out to their sales rep, who will likely recommend a third-party outlet that can take over the integration and optimization process. This can end up more expensive than the original software itself, whereas as a bespoke solution from the start will be perfectly efficient from the start.